You can now purchase Images on Scott Yakel

I am pleased to announce that you can now purchased my images from my website,  I am very excited to be able to now offer this!  I have been asked by many people over the last year, “how can I buy your images”, well, the time is now.  When you are on the site, just simply click on the shop prints tab and then set yourself free!

My awesome wife Jeanne and I have spent the last year traveling around Colorado camping, hiking and in some case just heading out for a drive to see what can be seen through the lens of my camera.  This collection of images tells the story of  the beautiful state of Colorado and others.  You will find winter, summer and fall images in addition to mining structures from the 18th century found in the back country.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images, but most importantly, I hope you find one or two the you like and will purchase!

Thank you for your support, we’ll talk soon and God Bless America!

Warm Regards,